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We are all co-directors of The Point People.

Sophia Parker

Sophia Parker

Sophia has worked in and around the public policy world for over a decade. She has an abiding interest in finding new and better ways of tackling contemporary social challenges, in particular inequality. Her work has taken her from the corridors of power in Whitehall, to the ivory towers of Harvard, to the municipal glory of local government. In all these roles she has been a passionate advocate and a determined practitioner of systems approaches.

Sophia Parker

Cassie Robinson

Cassie has spent her professional life on the periphery. She has always valued the role of being at the edge; of organisations; of sectors; and of tribes -- ultimately her skill has been in seeing the patterns and unexpected linkages between them. Trained as a designer and a psychologist, Cassie draws together collective intelligence from across different sectors to look at social and cultural issues systemically. With creative technology thrown in, and of course a good dose of humanity.


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Sophia Parker

Ella Saltmarshe

Ella is passionate about maximizing the impact of interventions to build a better world. Trained as an anthropologist, she has spent the last decade working in international development, the creative industries and public policy. Whether advising donors, starting social enterprises, or supporting CSOs, her work is increasingly underpinned by a systemic approach. Ella also loves to tell a good story, working both as a screenwriter and an author.

Sophia Parker

Rachel Sinha

Rachel is an award-winning systems change practitioner. She co-founded and co-runs The Finance Innovation Lab which creates the enabling conditions for a financial system that serves people and planet.

She is based at The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and is interested in both incremental and disruptive change. This has led her to The European Commission where she sits on the Expert Group on Social Business and to THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, where she was a scholar, learning how to use design thinking to tackle systemic challenges.

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