The People Who Took Part

Anna Birney @annasquestions, heads up Forum for the Future’s System Innovation Lab, where’s she’s focused on how to scale up impact on sustainability. This question is reflected in her work with the Shell Foundation across the UK, US and India, and her support of other initiatives like SMART CSOs, Golden’s Ecosystem Lab and Canada’s TNS Sustainability Transition Labs.

Kelly Clark @tellusmateruk, is Director of the Tellus Mater Foundation, a private family foundation dedicated to sustainable capitalism as a means of preserving natural capital. As part of her role at Tellus Mater, she has extensively mapped the capital markets and pension fund industry in order to identify the key leverage points for market reform. 

Julian Corner is Chief Executive of Lankelly Chase, a grant-making foundation focused on people facing severe and multiple disadvantage at the extreme margins of society. Lankelly Chase are at the forefront of demonstrating the role the foundations can play in disrupting the dynamics that create entrenched systemic failure.

Daniel Dickens @danieldickens, is the Director of Start up Enterprises at Participle where he focuses on taking enterprises from prototype stage to national scale. His current focus is the world of work where he is scaling two ventures, Backr ( and  We Are The Million ( He's also worked with Zopa (UK) and made investments as part of the Said Business School Venture Fund.

Tom Farrand @tomfarrand, is co-founder of Swarm & Good for Nothing, organisations that are all about rapidly protoyping solutions to pressing social and environmental problems. Connecting children with nature , pioneering citizen science and  engaging he creative industries with environmental issues are some of his current projects.

Valerie Hannon @valeriehannon, is a founder and Board Director of the Innovation Unit, a not-for-profit social enterprise that develops radically different solutions to public service challenges, offering better outcomes for lower costs. Valerie has designed ‘next practice’ programmes for education systems across the world, including British Columbia, Victoria (Australia) and Northern Ireland.

Lisa Harker @lisa_harker, is Head of Strategy at the NSPCC, a charity that seeks to end child cruelty. Her work there is centred on moving the focus of the child protection system away from crisis to more preventative approaches. She works extensively with campaigners, policy makers, journalists and social work professionals to bring about change.

Catherine Howe @curiousc, is Chief Executive of Public-i, a company that uses technology to support democratic engagement. A governor of the Democratic Society, she is a leading thinker and doer in the field of digital civic space. She’s currently finishing a PhD at the University of Sussex on the social impact of Web 2.0 tools in a democratic context.

Indy Johar @indy_johar, has co-founded multiple social ventures including Hub Westminster and Hub Launchpad. He’s currently working on a 21st century polytechnic and on co-founding the Civic Systems Lab. His core skills lie in the synthesis of strategic design, urban policy making, serial social venturing/innovation and open platform and network building.

Charmian Love @volanschar, is Co-Founder and Director of Volans. She specialises in designing ‘breakthrough’ innovation strategies, working with intrapreneurs and corporate venture teams and brokering cross-sectoral partnerships between business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and policy-makers. With an MBA from Harvard, she is a leading thinker on innovation and writes regularly for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Charlotte Millar @cgmillar, is Co-founder of The Finance Innovation, a project co-convened by ICAEW and WWF-UK. Charlotte has taught systems change at The Bold Academy in Colorado, Swedish School of Sustainability, Amani Institute in Nairobi, and Allia in the Netherlands. She also co-founded Campaign Lab in partnership with PIRC and NEF.

Nick Stanhope @nickstanhope, is the CEO of WeAreWhatWeDo, a not-for-profit company that puts a stream of desirable things into the world, with positive behaviours built into them, that incidentally address major social and environmental issues at the same time. He has already launched a set of award-winning products and tools internationally such as Historypin, Internet Buttons and Box Chicken.

Dan Sutch @dansutch, is the Head of Development Research at Nominet Trust where he has a particular focus on increasing the social value of the Trust’s investments and exploring the conditions for innovation that support using the internet for social good. Before joining Nominet Trust, Dan was the Head of Development at Futurelab.

Eugenie Teasley @eugenieee, founded youth charity Spark+Mettle in 2011 with a vision to to build character strengths, soft skills and networks for millions of young people through a platform of different digital products and offline learning including and Dreamers’ Supply Co. She trained as a teacher and has worked as an educator in both the US, the UK and a number of developing countries.

Simon Willis is the Chief Executive of the Young Foundation, a leading independent centre for disruptive social innovation. His work aims to create new movements, institutions and companies that tackle the structural causes of inequality. Previously Simon spent a decade running the global social innovation group at Cisco Systems.

Jennie Winhall @jeneralife, led the design of four new social ventures: Circle, Life, Backr, and a new 'wellness' service whilst she was Director of Design and Innovation and Participle. She rethinks big social issues and designs new systems that make a real difference to people's lives. She's currently setting up her own venture whilst working for The Banff Centre and the Innovation Unit, amongst others.

Shelagh Wright @shelaghwright, works with a diverse range of people and projects around the world that focus on cultural and creative economy policy and sustainable practice. She is a Director of Mission Models Money, an Associate of the thinktankDemos, a Director of ThreeJohnsandShelagh and an Associate of the Culture+Conflict initiative.